Is there a performance tomorrow?


☁◢◥◀ m▲ude ►◤◣☁ said...

on sat!

Emily said...

is it at 4:20? can you please vchat me/ben?

☁◢◥◀ m▲ude ►◤◣☁ said...

4 sure.

according to the calendar there's a perfomance this saturday and next saturday (i dont know about you but i won' t be here on the 28th...ooops).

so i'm still looking for a table to use for the glass performance. peggy offered hers, tho says it quite big so if anyone has one they want to lend for a hot minute let me know!! also, went to village today with b to look for a table but no luck. i've been gathering bottles but if any of you have anymore let me know! i can pick them up or you can bring them before 420 tomorrow.

breakin glass! breakin breakin glass at 420!!!!!!

Neil Sanzgiri said...

i dont get it? no one has said anything! someone should call everyone and stuff. i guess i will!

cmon lets get it in gear guys!