I'll be doing the breaking the glass performance tomorrow SUNDAY the  22nd @ 4:20! B and i are setting up the glass now, but if anyone has more please please please bring it! the table could have more on it. I've been practicing my tablecloth pulling technique so get ready! 

Also, performances next weekend can't really happen can they? No one is gonna be here. Let's meet and talk about when people want to do what performances soon (or just write back) so we can all be prepared and on the same page. SAY SOMETHING BACK!


Neil Sanzgiri said...

i'll be here all break!

Mel Bar said...

do you want to break a window? I have one with a wooden frame that i've been trying to get rid of, I think there might already be a crack in it

Anonymous said...

I'll be here on Saturday I think? What other performance shall we do/should we do one

ad Lowing said...

I too will be here Saturday.