Here are a few things for zines (I know it's a lot but please bear with me):


Right now I have 14 images from 11 people.

I have not gotten stuff from you guys. If you want to have stuff in this, send it to me within the next two days.

I will start working up a template for the calendar this week.


Does anyone else want to be involved in choosing the order of it?

2. We have 14 images right now. If we use seven sheets per calendar, we can make it a 13 month calendar and would have to edit out one image. If we get more images, we can use eight sheets and make a 15 month. a 13 month would go from November '09 to November '10 a 15 month would go from November '09 to January '11. Do people want to make more images or edit down? If we want to edit, does anyone else want to be involved in this process?

3. How many do we want to make? Making 100 will cost roughly $40, making 150 will cost roughly $55. Where will this money come from? Will it come out of the money we already have, out of pocket, or a mixture of both?

4. COVER: What do we want the cover to look like? How do we want it to be printed? Laser? Screenprint? Combo??? What kind of paper? (I'd suggest scott index because it's so cheap and easy to either screen print or laser print on)

5. It would be cool to make up holidays/special days that appear throughout the calendar a-la slingshot. What do people think of this? Maybe we can start a thread of days/dates in the comments for this post? We'd have to be done with this soon for it to happen though!

6. Anyone want to volunteer to help print and assemble these? It's going to be a big job for one person. If you know how to use a laser printer, please help with printing, If not, we totally need help assembling. If we decide to screen print covers, we'll need screen printing people to help with that.

Remember, this has to be done by the opening so we're getting down to the wire...

Cartoon Characters From Memory:

All of the images are scanned. I need to bitmap them and lay it out. Hopefully this will happen this week/next weekend.


1. What size is this going to be? I need to know this before I do layout (we talked about 18x24 and I think that size works well. is everyone cool with this?)

2. Is everyone still cool with the gridded pages printed one color and jumble/poster printed as a gradient layout on the back of the sheet?

3. What kind of paper? we need something cheap and fairly large that folds well and can be screen printed on. Any suggestions?

4. Who'll be helping Max print this?

5. How many do we want to make? It's hard to say what the cost will be without knowing the paper or ink. I think 100 is reasonable, but what does everyone else think?

6. Cover: I know we had talked about doing the picture of Garfield's face melting. Who has this picture? Do we still want to do this?

These are the only two zines we have content for. Do we want to put out one or two more? It'll be some work, but I think we can do it. Any ideas for another zine or two? (preferably something that will go fairly quickly)

Sorry for so much at once, It's just lots of little things...



Margo said...

Yeah Carey you know me and Nick are always down to help.
Please if possible I'd only like you to use the image of mine that is the snakes wrapping around a galaxy, not the other one with the cube unless the galaxy one looks real bad black and white or doesn't make sense or something. I prefer the galaxy one.

I still like all of the original ideas we had regarding the cartoon zine. I'm no paper expert, french whatever?

I can help Max screenprint sometime.
I think editions of 100 of each would be good, or may be 150 I dunno I think may be its going to be based on the $$$ situation.

Max Guy said...

Printing editions of 100 for both is good, I'll be happy to screenprint both.

Editing might be good.

P.F. Acronym's zine, we can still do the Challenger zine Carey. Maybe smaller collaborations would be good, me and Betty have been planning on making a zine together forever so I'd be happy to submit that.

Peggy had a funny idea of printing the Resume really small on an 8 1/2x11 sheet of paper, so the writing is illegible.

Bettina said...

Same, I'm fine with everything, if you need help whenever give me a call

Emily said...

yeah, I know ben still wants to do the acronym zine. (I still don't totally understand it, if someone could explain it to me if we're still doing it)

also, neil mentioned that people were talking about pairing off to do collaborative zines. that might be too much work for right now though. (although I am totally down to do something like that at some point!)

and, I would be willing to help with ordering. I know it's tough for me to work with people at this point. but there is apparently in ichat a screensharing function which could work? I dunno?

Max Guy said...

the p.f. acronym zine will be a collection of images of things that are also p.f. acronyms

i.e. Peter Fonda, Parliament Fukadelic, Psychedelic Furs

Illustrations and actual photos, altered/unaltered that's all.

Neil Sanzgiri said...

carey you know i am always DTF

also i will help use lazahh printaah

lets get the first two zines done and then see where we can go from there.

also next week is best for me to help

Emily said...

also, I will make ben send you something today after his art history midterm. like, I will go through his computer and send you a picture or something if he doesn't do it himself. so, count ben in for the calendar zine.