meeting notes (please read)

Here are some of the things we discussed last night.
For anyone who was not there, please read over and if you have any questions just ask us or something.

The instillation date for the show is November 8th which is roughly three weeks away.
We need to get our asses in gear and this is a small outline for (a few of) the things we need to get done before the show.

Things We Have Done:

  • Pizza Flag
  • 1 Painting - ( WE NEED TO MAKE MORE )
  • Several drawings - DO MORE (for wall and air box)
  • Tug of war Rope
  • 1 animal video
Things We Have Not Done:

  • Bead Curtain
  • 3 more of Neil's animal videos
  • Calendar zine
  • Cartoon zine
  • Finished making the floating drawing box instillation ( we have materials)
  • Make fake boards for the opening night to break through (Friday night?)
  • NICK PEELOR LOOK INTO THE NEON PMA THING! Tell us how much it will be and we will try and see if we have enough or if we each need to throw in a few more bucks.
Things Scheduled to Do:

  • This Friday night: grab some beers and noodles and make the pasta bead curtain!
    7:00 if we can or around that time or something.
  • Saturday morning: Filming Neil's devil goat recreation. EVERYONE MUST ATTEND!
    11:00 A.M. in the Annex field. Wake everyone up and we need to be started by noon.
    It shouldn't take more than an hour and a half.
  • Towards the end of the month we will be working constantly on trying to finish the zines. Carey needs help from everyone to get a good assembly line going.
  • One computer monitor
  • Two dvd players
  • Two tv monitors
  • Two pedestals, for Ben’s monitor/Neil’s videos
  • Can we fill out those forms now?
  • Pictures of you, mel and nick ill's painting collaboration.
Performances During the Show:
  • Takes place every Friday at 4:20:
  • Maude’s breaking glass performance-First week after opening night
  • Smoke out night/hot-boxing the space-second week
  • Nick’s Cell phone performance music-Third Week
  • Peggy’s (+ Rachel & Zack's?) explosion video-Fourth week

Even though this is really hectic, we should all feel good! It's important to stay focused cause we have a lot to do, but come on... it's gunna be really fun.



Neil Sanzgiri said...


Max Guy said...

All the performances are at 4:20PM every week? When is good for everyone to do the clock performance? People were asking me about that, all we need is a clock and some chairs for us all to sit at. I'll provide a wall plaque with the instructions for the piece, and explain it to everyone for the 1000th time also since I haven't done that good of a job.

Margo said...

What about a pedestal for the tug of war video monitor?
Also the internet says ear candling is bad: http://rlv.zcache.com/no_ear_candling_male_tshirt-p235508292182233056q6vb_400.jpg

Emily said...

don't forget the resume! I'm gonna email that to carey RIGHT NOW! it's really large (like, 36" wide and 50" or so tall) so it'll definitely take up some space.
I don't know if anyone's given any thought to how we're going to display everything, but I thought it'd be nice if the resume was either at the beginning (like, at the front entrance) (but that might be kind of stupid or pretentious or silly) or at the very end of the show. like on the back wall or something. I don't really care, just figured I'd suggest it. GOOD LUCK YOU GUYS THIS IS GONNA BE AWESOME!!!

Max Guy said...

I agree with the back wall. Peggy suggested we have a super small resume where the text is so small its illegible.

Emily said...

print the resume on business card sized papers for people to take away too perhaps? hah.