Sweet Deal

Okay so nice meeting on Friday guys, here is a little re-cap:
  • Coloring book for CAPfest to be assembled, all of the images are due by Wednesday (this seems a little late guys can we make it monday? just for the sake of printing)
  • We're going to use the materials in the contemporary museum on Saturday to create a fort, I think Rachel wanted to cook lunch in it as well?
  • For the show in November, each member is to choose an idea from our idea booklet, and organize a project which will be displayed potentially
  • I've chosen to make a book of conversations between pairs within the collective that we chose on Friday. You know which pairs these are. The only things I ask of you are that the conversations be audio recorded and then transcribed and that the conversations take place in some sort of intimate setting (really just meaning that you can have a one on one conversation with no distractions). Each conversation will remain anonymous once they are all compiled. I plan to put them all together in a book, the documentation of the conversations are due in one month (May 1).
  • Meet again on Tuesday?

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ad Lowing said...

yeah, I would like to meet tuesday, I probably won't be able to meet long though. Later in the evening? 10?