Fort building workshop

Hey Guys,
I have to write a little diddy to give to Irene by tomorrow about our workshop next weekend..Any ideas??


Max Guy said...

we'll get together in the morning to build this fort that you're talking about, and create a tent structure from the fabric that you had mentioned. when this is finished, people will be invited to eat with us in the fort? maybe we should split into two groups in that case? food group and building group?

ad Lowing said...

I like that idea. I'm just trying to work out how to phrase the synopsis on the flier thing

Carey Chiaia said...

Okay. Making a simple idea sound smart time:

We're exploring the role that regular people in the community can play in a usually closed system of an art collective of friends. In this workshop we will allow others to enter our space and help us build something in order to understand what we have to offer them and what they have to offer us. It's about a symbiotic or reciprocal relationship.

I don't know if we're actually trying to do any of this, but it seems plausible. Anyone have any other ideas?