I had a question about the mix zine, I had an idea which was to do "I'm an Indian, Too" which is a song from Annie Get Your Gun but there's also a dancy remix of it. So I was thinking about doing instead of a "zine" making little envelopes in that half-size and making little shitty style head dresses that are basically ribbons with fake [drawn] feathers attached to them that you tie around your head.
Is this OK with people or do we want all of them to be books? Also edtion of 50? Also, what are other people doing?
:) :( !!!!!!!


Emily said...

I'm cool with anything as long as it folds down to the right size so we can package them all together. haha I like that idea!

also yeah, edition of 50

and, I have no idea what I am doing yet. LOL ZINE FAIL

Carey Chiaia said...

I really like that idea. It'll be cool to have different stuff like that in the whole group. I havent started either. I also said I was going to make a tutorial. which i have not done either, but that will be done within the next two days, I promise!!!!

Psychic Friends said...

make sure it's quarter page size, i start my zine tomorrow.