idea zine

I hope everyone is having a nice winter break/christmas eve/other holiday celebration and I also hope that people have been gathering their ideas for zines/other projects.
I'm gonna arrange the lists like a checklist, we agreed to put the ideas in abc order. I'll do my best to do that.
if you can email me the lists by new years or so, I'd appreciate it. my email is sir.emilyawesome@gmail.com and you can either attach it as a word document or put the text in an email. if you don't have exactly 50, that's ok, just try to get as many ideas as possible recorded.
how do you feel about having space in the back for us to write in ideas as we come up with them?

once I get all the lists, I'll start to lay out ideas and I'll post them here for feedback.



Margo said...

Yes pages in the back!

Carey Chiaia said...

also yes pages in back!

Psychic Friends said...

yo, if you make it a table in microsoft word it's real easy to alphabetize

nickpeelor said...

i was wondering emily, if we come to the same idea i think we should write how many times people had the idea.
like if carey,margo and i had the idea to make a zine about pattern or something i think it should be listed multiple times or have a number with the amount of times people said it. I think it would give the idea more validity if we came to the same conclusion.

Emily said...

that's a good idea. I was originally just going to list it once, but if it's an idea that's suggested multiple times maybe it's an idea we should pursue sooner....