Max Ryazansky:

"The main reason I went to art school was to live out
my 'fuck the man, i'm not working in a cubicle'
fantasy where I would instantly get a great job when i
graduated and be making fairly decent money doing
something meaningful. Of course, I was a naive and 18
when I thought of this. Now that I am smart and 25, I
live a life so different from your average person who
went to art school: work for a punk band, have no
health insurance, live in a closet, and constantly
wonder why it's so darn hard to sell a photo of a a
registered hate group or a couple people bleeding here
and there. Art school is really just an excuse to have
a funny haircut, feel like the whole world is against
you, and figure out how to convince people that
something you spent 14 minutes on making at 5:30 am is
so fucking good, that you need an art movement named
after you, or possible a collective. The only reason
anyone should actually get an MFA is to get a higher
paying job / become a professor, go tell that to the
18 year old version of yourself. There are truly a lot
of things to gain from attending an art school if you
have teachers that care about their jobs and students
wiling to actually discuss things and not just keep
their mouths shut for fear of offending someone, but
for every one meaningful class you take, there are 4
to 5 that are absolute wastes of time and money. No
degree or critic validates any piece of art, it's
really about how much you can convince people it's

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