Cover Paper for Haircut Zine

So I'm just trying to get a feel for what people want to do for cover paper. I looked into cardstock and its like 11 dollars for a pack of 250 sheets meaning that we would have a lot left over. If people want to use card stock, I wouldn't mind biting the cost of it and just having the extra to either use on future zines or just my own shit. I don't know what else other people might want to use, but if we want heavy paper, cardstock seems to be the best/cheapest option. I can buy it when I go home for Thanksgiving. Also, how does everyone feel about color? Should we use colored cardstock? If so, what color? I can see what colors there are when I go to the store. Anyways, let me know.


ALSO: we will be printing tonight (Sunday) if anyone wants to/has time to help out, call me and I can let you know what time and where.


Anonymous said...

I can help! But my phone isn't working, so call maude and she'll tell me when and where

Peggy Chiang said...

i would pitch in for the cost of cardstock. how about a light grey? i think the neutral color would look good against the plastic bag of hair. also, i can't get over how fucking cute wolf is.