A Proposal

I think that in the spirit of having fun and exploring the collective identity we should experiment with changing our physical identity as well. We are a large group of people and will enable us to play around with a lot of things. Keeping the initials P.F. in every incarnation and switching around the name for different projects is one idea that was inspired by AVAF another large collective based in Brazil.

To get this idea of playing with our identity started, I propose we turn ourselves into a huge old school style rap posse. I have posted various rap videos as examples and further ideas will be developed for this project, but the main ideas I've had for this project are making a video and a hip hop themed zine, compiled of photos of us dressed in golden age hip hop style. Baltimore is the perfect backdrop for a video like this with tons of abandoned buildings and lots. I hope you enjoy these videos!


Muzzle Glut said...

I figured the PF incarnation this time could be something like "PROJECT FUNDZ" or some dumb shit.

ad Lowing said...

MAX you are to blame for my lack of production tonight. these videos are tantalizing.

Can we be a singing family band troop after this?

Max Guy said...

that's what we should actually do