new ideas/activities we should pursue:

-audio zine
-"plot to turn the brown building into the aggro-crag"
-another sleepover
-anyone want to give me a haircut?
-other ideas?

I should go to bed when I'm not doing anything.


Bettina said...

4.Maude has decided to give me a haircut and could probably give you one too?
5.Let's get to making this next zine! and thanks for tagging me


- Collective music making
- Psychedelic Friends
- Psychic Friends Rap Group (making a rap video and taking mad photos looking really ghetto)
- Sleepover
- Collective Meditation
- More zines
- More group drawing

Muzzle Glut said...

- Portrait Drawing
- Building shit

Zack said...

collaborative hopscotching all the way to the ocean

Margo said...

So Stoked On That. We'll need to smoke machine. and some foam rocks.

Also, I agree with portraits, rap group [video] and meditation.

maude said...

i guess for this rap group thing- i like the idea but do we get to interperate how we are each individually going to look? is there one designated authoritative decider who tells us what is or isnt ghetto enough (or whatever)?

while i do like the idea, i'm wondering how this will go down in a way that we can all bring something to it- it kinda seems like it might only be successfully executed under one person's vision

you know what i mean?

Muzzle Glut said...

I think that we should have a sleepover about it where we watch mad rap videos and look at old 90s ghetto fashion and shit and just have a full on immersion. The appeal about this to me is that we'll all be so far out of our element we'll be able to appropriate it in a very unique style. Mel has offered to help me in organizing a lot of the stuff, but once again we're a group of diverse and talented and I'll bet that everyone will have a chance to direct the group in some aspect, be it video direction or photo or whatever. We'll figure it out!

Argyle Hair said...

is this rap video going to be too far of a stretch for us? is this with in our capabilities?

also i think we should use a really shitty hi-8 camera to make it look even more 90s

Muzzle Glut said...

i don't think it's out of our power to take on the persona, everything else we should at least try you guys

Carey Chiaia said...

Haircut zine where we all give hair cuts to each other and then do before and after photos. it would be a quick, cool project.

whos in?

Emily said...

I'm in.

can we include locks of psychic hair in each issue?

Max Guy said...

i'm barack obama and i support this message

Max Guy said...

all the photos in the haircut zine should look like these:


maybe it could be pdf format for color and black and white for print and we have a link in the back of the zine?

Carey Chiaia said...

I like that idea. Emily also suggested that we do quarter pages so its even easier to put together.