pinkard deinstall

So we were supposed to be out of the Pinkard space by December 18th, but we all forgot. She's giving us until January 8th before she takes all the work and throws it out. Who'll be around between now and then to help with deinstalling stuff? I'll be around starting Thursday. WHOWANTSTOHNGOUT?!

also, is anyone with a car going to be around before the 8th? it's going to be really hard to get the air chamber without a car...

I miss you all very much. Who's going to be around for new years?


Psychic Friends said...

pooh i'm coming back on the 9th!

Psychic Friends said...

i am bettina

Margo said...

Responsible people can borrow my car. The keys should be somewhere around Beuys II Men. Please call me about parking details.
Also it is full of stuff, basically my entire studio plus some of Nick's stuff/art etc. So we could wait till the 7th and do it when I get back but that's cutting it kind of close. Or hopefully CVW is coming back sooner than me. The Winkle Van is much more suited to this task in my opinion.

Let me know if there's anything I can do from Atlanta. And a quick word about leaf blowers. Me and Nick saved the reciepts so I'm not sure if they're still returnable but I would be willing to put the $30 (I don't know if nick was 100% paid back?) back into PF since I got most of my money I spent returned via our group funds. (SAVE THE LEAF BLOWERS)

Also I'd volunteer my apartment to store any/everything. (Duh)

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I miss you Carey! (and everyone else)

Mel Bar said...

i'll be back probably the 10th if you still need help then holler at me!

Colin Van Winkle said...

I am coming back the 8th. so the wnkl vn is in service from then on dudes.