hey bros. i've been working on the title and how it'll look and i thought of using famous logos and fonts to write ours in? i did a sketch for one of diet coke. the FREEPIZZAFREEBEER bit is drawn in neon arching bubble letters. i was tihnking that psychic friends would be on the top, dare to dream in the middle, and FREEPIZZAFREEBEER on the bottom but bigger than the last two lines.

also i am a bit confused on this screenprinting biznas. is it true that we CAN screenprint? i saw mitch the other day and he say YAY but i remember someone at our last meeting saying NAY. but maybe im crazy. if we can screenrprint, this would be easy for me to draw, burn, and then let er rip. let me know what you people are thinking!

sorry for the shittay qualitay.

oh also, i know we all have a lot we're doing but i was thinking that maybe after peeps see our show they're gonan look at our website which hasnt really been touched in a while. this isnt something we have to do before the show, but i think it would be nice to update it with whatever we've been doing this year. just a thought


Max Guy said...

hey maude i still want to design this with you, i'll have some stuff put together for tonight and we can like amalgamate them. mel said she'd be down to like render them nice and stuff for printing- vinyl or screen print.

i still wanna do some cool heavy metal letters i'll show you them! we could probably mix it all together.

Emily said...

agh that looks/sounds so awesome! are you guys trying to screenprint onto the walls or something? I'm confused.

also, I remember ben talking about wanting to work on the website a bit during his fall break but that never happened. but maybe he can find some time to work on it? I would if I had any skillz. also, have we ever properly documented any of the zines? I think it'd be nice if the zines page on the website had a few spreads from all of the zines we've done. we talked about making pdfs of full oop zines to dowload, anyone ever look into that/work on that at all?

Max Guy said...

ben should just give us the server info so we can work on it, i emailed him about that before.

Max Guy said...

I keep getting excited that Brendan is commenting on our blog and then it isn't him. :(

Max Guy said...

Oh shit that as Margo.

Emily said...

psychic friends fails at blogspot.