yo dawgs whats up dawgs?????

I was wondering if the mixtape zines are for real all gone, or if we managed to hang on to any for members? if not, that's cool but if yes, I want one! and I agree with whoever suggested we do something for future islands. I can make them all friendship bracelets or something.

I smell real bad. I will be in florence soon, anyone wanna vchat with ben and I when I'm there?


Max Guy said...

emily i'd just like to say your drawings have gotten really good, good job.

um, all of the zines are gone, we should offer to do a cover for them or something.

Emily said...

that would be so cool. I wonder if they're thinking of releasing anything new anytime soon?

Carey Chiaia said...

I think they're releasing an album soon.

I really like the idea of the friendship bracelets too. we should do both!

As for the zines, I think there are like two incomplete ones at my house or something. If people want them, fight amongst yourselves and let me know. Sorry guyz...

They also said that we're welcome to send anything else we've done on tours with them and they'll sell it for us. Lets definitely take them up on this.

Emily said...

that's awesome! I wanna be bffs with future islands! I'll start working on bracelets tonight! someone tell them we'd like to do album art for them!