RADICAL (book fair)

I think I'll be tabling at the zine bazaar at the radical book fair on Friday the 25th. I'll be selling my own shit, but I'd also like to sell some PF shit too. I know we have some complete mixtapes hanging around somewhere. Do we have anything else? It's from 12-6 and I get out of class at 3. If anyone wants to take the 12-3 shift, I can come down afterward and do the other three hours... If not, I can just do 3-6. Let me know!

*also, whoever has the mixtape zines (I'm looking at you Maude and Bettina.) If we do decide to sell them, could you give them to me and I'll check for completeness and then hopefully sell some of those dudes.

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Mel Bar said...

what is the radical book fair?