Meeting notes

• Zines at radical book fair sold!
  • We made $40
• We got a gallery offer in Pigtown
  • We’re going to get back to them
• Guy at Golden Age bookstore is interested in our mixtape zine
• Edits on the cartoon character zine
  • Its going to be a book/ foldout poster
  • Screenprinted cover
• Meet for tug of war on Monday, Oct 5. 3-5PM meet at the field outside of the Annex
• Max is starting printing covers for the Calendar and the Cartoon Zine and the stoner poster/s (?)
• We’re making a big pasta bead curtain next Friday October 2nd
• We’re talking about how to fund stuff
  • Rachel wants to make 40 cozies
  • Patches
  • Another box set thing
• Recordings of psychic friends ordering pizzas for Bettina’s project
• Maude and Bettina are starting paintings by October 4
• Mel and Mitch are doing a triptych by October 5


Emily said...

I have some questions:
-what does edits on the cartoon character zine mean?
-what's the book/poster spread?
-are you guys still taking submissions for the calendar zine? can someone explain that zine to me better? is it gonna be a book or a poster? is it gonna be one big screenprint and I'm just contributing an image to be a part of it?
-stoner posters?
-have we discussed what the next box set is going to be/be about? can we agree to keep our individual contributions simple/easy to construct? (also, same with the box, the boxes for the mixtapes keep falling apart)
-patches? who's designing? can I get in on that?

sorry, I just hate being so out of the loop on these projects. they all sound awesome and I' so stoked that psychic friends has been so busy and awesome! can someone email me or get in touch with me sometime to fill me in a bit?

also if there is any way I can contribute/do more, let me know! I wanna do things!

Max Guy said...

the cartoon character zine is the thing where we had people draw cartoon characters from memory. the images were all really sparse so we decided to make the book a fold- out poster.

we're still taking submissions for the calendar. i'm screenprinting the cover of it, and i'm screenprinting the cover of the other zine.

we're making a stoner poster that will work under blacklight for the hotboxing.

we haven't given much thought to the next box set.

patches we haven't talked all that much about, but i'm guessing you can design some, i guess i don't really think we'd want them to say "psychic friends on them" that seems like it would be branding us really oddly.

basically this meeting was sort of setting up some deadlines so we're not in the same position as last year before charm city art space. but we kind of just reiterated a lot of points.

we really just need to get the images for the zines in on time!

Max Guy said...

sorry the formatting got confusing when i copied and pasted notes

Mitchell Jayms said...

you said calender submissions are still open. i'm still working on mine, so when is the final due date? is it sunday the 4th?

p.fs. sorry i missed the meeting, our dryer is half broken =(

also, emily and ben are awesome and missed!

Max Guy said...


Emily said...

do the calendar images have to be pen? if I scan a graphite drawing really well and photoshop it so that it will print ok, will that be ok? and there's no theme to the calendar drawing, right? just make it awesome?

and what about patches that say goofy encouraging things? because, really, what's psychic friends more about than being totally pumped about everything??!!

I'm going to check out the screenprinting facilities at my school tomorrow. maybe I'll try printing something for the show. if not. I'll try to design something.

Max Guy said...

do all of it

Margo said...

Hey mentioned this at the beginning of the meeting but Artist Craftsman has 50 sheets of fairly thick white paper for $10 may be that would be good for the cartoon poster dude. Better than newsprint.
The secret word thing I have to type in to post this is "farder"

Max Guy said...

can we make a mock up of what the cartoon characters might look like as a regular zine anyway? i just would like to see anyway. i know you guys said that it seemed a little boring but we didn't get to see all of them laid out anyway?