Yo, do we have a name for the show yet? If not I will take emails from people who want to submit a potential name and then post them on here and we can vote on which one we want. Anyone who wants to submit should comment on this post and I will post my email.

Also, let Emily and I know when the next meeting is and we would like to join via video chat. Thanks!!


Max Guy said...

mob mentality

Max Guy said...

posse cut

Carey Chiaia said...


Mel Bar said...

psychotic fiends

Max Guy said...

youth of today

Nick Iluzada said...

youth of toogay

Neil Sanzgiri said...

friend / ships

Neil Sanzgiri said...


nickpeelor said...

shaggy 2 dope

fad patrol


mega bods

breakfast for dinner

bitchin' colors

dumb posse

free pizza
free beer

stupid cult


Carey Chiaia said...

rock ya hips

ultra-spliff dune buggy

color us bad

Neil Sanzgiri said...

i vote free pizza, free beer

also i dont know if anyone is actually emailing you since we all seem to just be posting our ideas as comments. but i think that makes more sense anyway.

Max Guy said...

"we're the crew"

"youth crew"

Mel Bar said...

i also vote for free pizza free beer
i really like ultra spliff dune-buggy

choose or loose son

Emily said...

yo we should all just try and post one, this is too many

ad Lowing said...

i like free pizza/free beer

club choices.

nickpeelor said...

free pizza free beer!

nickpeelor said...

dare to dream is my favorite but im okay with the free za/ fee beer