so, I finished compiling all of our resumes. I am going to email the word document I made of everything to you all soon. PLEASE CHECK YOUR EMAILS AND IF YOU HAVEN'T GOTTEN IT CHECK THE PSYCHIC FRIENDS EMAIL. I've broken it all down into the categories I plan to use. if you have any issues with the organization, please send me an email in response. also, please check your info to make sure it is all accurate and if there is any info I or you left out. if you'd like to add more info (stuff you hadn't thought of, new achievements, etc) please please please let me know soon! also, the info isn't in the order I plan to use. I am going to list everything in chronological order with the most recent info first. hope dat's cool.

also, I am still missing nick's resume. I'm not sure if rachel or zack are still involved, but if you are and you'd like your resume to be included PLEASE SEND IT TO ME RIGHT NOW RIGHT NOW RIGHT NOWWWW (sir.emilyawesome AT gmail DOT com) I am going to start working on the layout once I know what size I am going to make it (carey, what is the max width of the laser printer at kinko's again?) how much room will I have? it's sounding like we've got a lot of stuff for the show so I don't want to make it too large. once I've made it, I'll send a pdf to all of you so I can get your thoughts on the layout/design then I'll send it to someone to print and we're in business! yeah! miss u all lotz!


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sent it sorry i'm a bum!