me in a box

Can someone do me a favor (something I probably should have done before I left) and request a monitor and a plinth for the dates of the show for my video chat feed piece.

I would really appreciate it because I wanna be able to video chat with you guys for a month!!!

Miss Y'all.

ps. (this is Emily) can someone at least have their laptop around for the opening night as well so I can be there? thx.


Max Guy said...

we'll just get two monitors?

Margo said...

No way man we already need four. And Emily doesn't want to be there all of the time correct? I can have my computer at the opening or anyone else I'm sure, may be someone with a pro because they're bigger.
Ps: What's with the tumblr?

Emily said...

yeah, I just need a laptop for the night, if that's cool.

Neil Sanzgiri said...

what the fuck is your email duddeee

Neil Sanzgiri said...

i know for a fact also that we will not be able to check out more than three monitors (which is also a huge stretch) but ill see what i can do in checking some out from AV