Youtube Reinterpretations

So I don't know if you guys remember but a long stupid time ago Zack and I had an idea to recreate cute youtube animal videos but with humans instead and it was such an obvious joke that i knew no one would take seriously and i thought to myself "YES" and I remember telling my friend Bruce in texas about the idea who already loves PF and thought it was perfect and said "HEY NO ONE JUST DOES THINGS THEY SAY THEY'RE GOING TO DO ANYMORE!" and i realize that whenever someone makes a joke about something that should happen, they never really intend it ever to happen they just want to create humorous hypothetical situations that in no way would ever be funny to anyone outside of the people who made it so i want to take it as far as possible to make sure that no one will ever propose a hypothetical humorous situation ever again!!!! actually that's not why i want to do it but that would be funny if it happened :D

Here are a few of the videos I'm thinking of recreating:

I think those ones will be easy to accomplish and most will require only 2 -4 people at most.
I want to recreate the videos shot by shot, edit by edit, sound by sound, etc. with the same framing and compression and pixelation.

If anybody wants to volunteer for a specific video or has other suggestions for videos let me know and post them on here so I can go ahead and start looking for places to shoot, etc.

IM SO STUPIDDD!!!!! :):)


Emily said...







just sum of my favs

Emily said...

also, I'm down to help with any video as long as it happens before august 7th.

otters holding hands should happen at prettyboy

Neil Sanzgiri said...

wow some of those are so purrfect!!

ive been thinking about how well the original sound extracts from the youtube clip will sound over the new footage! so pumped

Emily said...

can I be one of the otters?

Bettina said...

I was thinking of the christian the lion video too that would be good because like three people could be in it

Bettina said...
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Flores Hayes said...

a great find for panda fanatic!
my roommate and i LOVE this bag

Peggy Chiang said...

who? any fat cat videos where the cats try to go into a box. i'm pumped for this too