So I kind of mentioned this to a couple of you, (because it's really rad) but Evan of the Annex Theater came up to me the other day and was like: "Hey you have a thing called Psychic Friends right?" and I was like "Yeah dude" and he was like "You guys should really do something at the Annex because we want something really visually based for a show in the fall, and you could collaborate with other dudes and it would be wild. And also if you wanted to write something (a little play) we could have someone else direct it" and I said "Rad!" and he said "How's November?" and I said "Not so good" and so we need to stay in touch with them for the future because I think it would be super cool to do something there and Evan/Caitlin (Kaitlyn?) seem really stoked on the idea  of us doing something. 
Also I told him I'd let him know when we have a meeting next and he could come talk to everyone.
OK cool! Also where on the portal does it say the name of my scholarships for Emily? Thanks dudes!!!!


ad Lowing said...

yesyesyes this is so great!
SHIT RESUME, have to do that still...

Carey Chiaia said...

That does sound rad! Lets do something!