Something to think about

I was reading an interview in the Journal Magazine with Ben Jones of Paper Rad, and he was asked about his thoughts on collectives.

"I think that ultimately, collectives are best when they serve he needs of projects, and not the act of collaboration. I mean that I don't like collaboration for collaboration's sake. Something I also hate is the term collective. I work with literally hundreds of different people."

I'm still thinking about this statement, probably for no reason (its pretty blatant what he's saying), but for me its definitely something important to consider for we're doing now, over the summer and looking forward to that show in November. The idea of "collaboration for collaboration's sake," our objectives, and our concern with entitlement and "self indulgence" are all things that maybe should be meditated over along side of work-- but work that is important to us. I don't know if I'm making sense though.

If anyone wants to borrow the issue of the Journal let me know, its pretty good.


Nick Iluzada said...

mmmm i agree

Neil Sanzgiri said...

gimme dat journal

ad Lowing said...

HELL yereah.

But really, I appreciate you sharing that..We definitely need to think about this