so, I am going to make a giant (like, 24 x 36ish) single page resume including all of our accomplishments/work experiences. I'll create the layout (but all of you are welcome to provide feedback, I'll post versions once I get information) and then I'll get it lazr printed at kinkos or some shit. ok? ok. we can talk about making a normal sized one later, I just really wanna make this big one first.

send the following information to me at sir.emilyawesome[at]gmail.com:
-education (schools you've attended and their location, college, pre-college, high school if you find it relevant)
-year of graduation
-professional experiences (jobs relating to what you do)
-proficiencies and skills
-published works
-awards and honors

also, thoughts on what address or phone number we should put? should we just include all of our information? or could we direct mail to mica or something? what do you guys think?

please get this info to me soon, I'd like to get it done real soon.


Neil Sanzgiri said...

so when we list our skills and things like that, do we want to write them out as we would when applying for a job? or can we list real skills we find interesting and useful to ourselves?

Emily said...

use your judgment. what information (beyond what I've asked for) do you find relevant?