meaty recap

hey ya'll- what a pleasant meeting. i know that i, bettina yung, am really quite excited about everyone's enthusiasm for the wonderful work we're about to do this summer. look at these notes from the meeting i just farted out:

-conversations. let's get them done, transcribed, and into max's sweatly little mits soon.

- Monday (tomorrow) at 10pm fun drawing time at N to the ICK! bring drawing things or anything else that will make your collabrative experience extra pleasurable

-Wednesday June, 24 @ 10pm (promptly!!!! i hate pussyfooters) go to Marge's for the sculpture idea that Bennigan proposed

-email Emily Burtner with your resume info (work experience, edumacationz, major, etc) for our collective resume/fake press packet

-Neil's video spoofs w/ PF being cute animals. look up videos you might want to do and share them with people on the blog! or as Marge would say, "BLOG IT!"

-TUG-O-WAR July 19 (can mel or mitchell come? i hope so...i miss them)

-XXX Margot's Dream Fantasy Sexual Being Suits!!! XXX start to think about your ideal sexy times bod so margo and co. can make your pizza nipple dick suck cumdumpster dragon fart a reality!!!

-potluck sometime soon? maybe everyone can make something they never ever never had made b4?

thanks everybody! i'll see you tomorrow!

forever yung.


Carey Chiaia said...

I'm gonna bring lube t the drawing session so that we can get all slippery while we draw.

nickpeelor said...

Yo i was wondering if we could meet at 9 instead tonight??

L.B. said...

I fucking love this blog post