TOnight at Ten in Station Seminar room

Hey Guys!
Tonight at ten in the station seminar room I ll be screening a panel discussion about the Norman Mailer essay written in 1957 for Dissent Magazine entitled "The White Negro: Superficial Reflections on the Hipster" and showing a short, half hour film by Trinh Minh-Ha called Reassemblage which is about the nature of Anthropology and is set in Senegal. I ll also be reading two short excerpts from the Norman Mailer Essay and another essay from the Queer Anthology "Black Like Us" about contemporary women and lesbian presence Senegalese dance. Also maybe some discussion from Edward Said's "Orientalism" but that may be too much to cram in.

Hope you all can make it!
here is the essay which is a little wordy

here is Trinh Minh ha's biography

and here is the panel discussion

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