Things to know

Nice meeting tonight guys here's some notes:

  • Farmers market trip on Saturday, we'll be leaving at 9 from the Fox building, bring some cash money pls so we can pool funds. I think we said we'd all walk there providing the weather is nice
  • For Friday, Emily is bringing paper for the large drawing we'll be doing at CAPfest, if you can bring some magazines or things we can make cut outs from to do some collage stuff. I will be printing covers tomorrow if I can get my hands on some Scott index or other cheap paper.
Schedule for friday:

12-1:00PM Emily and Neil (darkwing duck)
1-3:00PM Carey and Rachel (ducktales)
3-4:00PM Bettina and Maude (the goof troop)
4-5:00PM Peggy and Emily (gargoyles)
and I'm DJing (bonkers)

Betty sent me this:



Margo said...

We have gotten so fucking efficient it is great.

I will be a part the goof troop and gargoyles also most likely.
We have secured markers/etc?

nickpeelor said...

I wish i could be there!
maybe i can try to be there around noon-1, i will be at "work", until three then i'm going on a field trip..

Everyone is doing such a good job. I am so proud to be part of such an efficient thing. The coloring book stuff looks great too.

Emily said...

yeah, I kind of forgot about markers/crayons. we should ask john if they have those kinds of supplies. if not, we should try to gather any crappy art supplies we all have. I could also pick up a box of 100 crayons from the school store. I'm pretty sure they have them.

Max Guy said...

they have the supplies and he said he was willing to lend them. i have an issue with purchasing paper m&t is being lame to me again will people help me out you'll be reimbursed.