movie wednesday

pizza friday

critique group every two weeks

some kind of vegitarian potluck/eating together/thing sundays/monday?(maybe the rule could be that you have to make something you've never made before)

Maude had an idea that we could make cardboard cars and have an indoor drive in movie event

any other summer no bummer 09 aint it fine ideas?


Carey Chiaia said...

paully shore film festival.

lexington market pot luck (where every ingredient has to have come from lexington market)


Mel Bar said...

those all sound awesome!
can i attend group crits via video chat?

Neil Sanzgiri said...

i think we should have a bball tournament. or a fucking baseball game. no football.

i think we should also start going to more orioles games together. mad cheap like $7 and then we sneak down when everyone leaves.

also lets build a half pipe and hang out on it!

Emily said...

I love all of these ideas!
no more bummer summers!
also, kickball and frisbee and road trips to our homes and the beach. the beeeeach!!!!

Max Guy said...

weed and skate, fireworks, book club. go to ocean city.

Carey Chiaia said...

i like book club

Margo said...

I agree with everything but Ocean City. Also may be this is obvious but weekly PF meetings and really strict deadlines about progress on work for the show.

Also mad dumpstering.

Margo said...

Also I just wanted to say group critique is going to be really important and we should really keep that up.

My new place has a really big open area we could do that in.

Emily said...

my family has a house in rehoboth that we've rented for the end of july, if anyone wants to come with me?????!!!!

Margo said...