I am working on a few assignments and I need the following:
  1. Any spare and usable crank sets (pedals, chain rings, chains, multiple speed or fixed gear), I would be keeping this most likely so just make sure its just lying around
  2. A small vacant space, the size of a large closet is fine, to record a video in for an upwards of 3 hours.
  3. A television
  4. Two tripods
I need the last 3 items sooner than the first, if you can help me with this then please let me know.

Thank you,


Mel Bar said...

yo dude i can help, i wont be free until tuesday

Emily said...

if you wanna take apart my old bike, you can go for it. that whole thing is more or less garbage except for the saddle.
and you can use my tripod again if you wanna try to fix it again (although I may have lost the broken part)

nickpeelor said...

rent tripods from av