National Geographics, Magazines and other shit.

Hey everyone,

So I got this grant to do zines with kids in West Baltimore and for the first project we're going to make collages. If anyone has old National Geographics or any other magazines they don't care about and wants to donate them to a really good cause, give me a call and I'll come and pick them up. The first class is tomorrow at 4:00 so if you've got them, please let me know before then. I'd really appreciate anything anyone has.



snack hazard said...

you should go to the book thing today! they have a shitload of national geographic and other awesome magazines for free. i think they are open til like 6?

maude said...

yea, listen to snacks.

or maybe you could ask the school library what they do with some of those monthly magazines they get? i dont know if they keep em on file, but i remember i was so excited when i found out my HS library just had a huge piles of magazines that they were planning to throw away.