MICA Gallery Show

We need to have a discussion about what we want to do for a show next semester. I'm sure everyone has pretty strong opinions about this so please if everyone could start this discussion here I think it will be easier once we meet IRL to talk about this.
Neal suggested to me that we apply with some images of pretty "safe" stuff like prints, paintings and drawings just so we don't freak out the committee then once we get the space we can do whatever we want with it. That seems to make sense to me. 

Things to consider:
+The applications are due really soon, March 23rd!
+The application says groups need to submit 5 image from each artist which would be a little ridiculous in our case so I think we should pick out 5-10 images from out collective work that we like and apply as if Psychic Friends is an individual (which it is)
+Which space is our first choice?
+We need to write an artist statement and a proposal for the space (I think it is ok if this is a little vague but self-confident) 
Let's TALK!


Emily said...

want to talk tonight maybe? the only thing I've got going on is watching new office which I can do later if necessary.

also, for submitting images, do we want to submit a nice portfolio of things? I was looking for ways to avoid doing school work and I thought it might be nice if we put together a portfolio book or something. I'd be totally down for doing it if we decided on what we wanted in it (we could even put some individual pieces in too if we wanted) printing would be free, so we don't have to worry about that.

but yeah, let's get together really soon to talk. I wanna get on this!!!!

Margo said...

The application says it only wants powerpoints for portfolios.
I have play rehearsal tonight and the friday and saturday nights are the performances but you people are welcome to meet without me.
Yeah, ok.
Who has a copy of the statement from the CCAS show?

maude said...

holy schnickies the 23rd?!

ya tonight or tomorrow day we should meet and start to compile some images or get an idea of things we could submit as well as know what we want to say about ourselves and what we plan to do with the space.

ugh ugh ugh so soon! im scared.

after the office at gayway perhaps?

Emily said...

I am gonna watch office at cth. feel free to join. I guess I could have just told you that...

Mel Bar said...

I think it would be nice just to change the space of one of the smaller galleries around a whole bit, like the piano gallery or that in the wall gallery across from the library.

Maybe we could just dig into the idea book (which i still don't have a copy of, how do i get one?) and apply an installation a long the lines of that.

The show at the art space was really rad because we all worked together doing it, so it'll probably be equally as great if we could apply that to changing a space and creating an idk ...psychic realm? in one of those little galleries.

as far as submitting portfolio stuff, I agree with what neil suggested, and perhaps we should submit a photo of all the new zines, or the infomercial, or maybe even a couple of those photographs of PF doing team building exercises (ie- human tower)

nickpeelor said...

Yeah I probably won't be able to go to these meetings?
But "Psychic Realm" sounds beautiful.
Lots more PMA flags, videos or us building towers, zines zines zines and drunk/sober drawings?
I like those things.
Maude or someone write that down and represent me.
I am really into the idea of doing an installation.

nickpeelor said...

Shit that was Margottt not Nick.