from an email I received from career development, on "explore your options week":

Panel: Working as Part of a Collective

4:00 – 6:00 pm

Gateway 101 Conference Room

Tommy Nash ’07 BFA, Baltimore Bicycle Works

Hans Petrich, Current Gallery

Collectives are created by groups of individuals with mutual interests seeking to build communities and share resources. They work to engage their local and regional culture and economics. This panel is comprised of two individuals in the Baltimore area who are currently involved in local collectives. Come to this panel to find out what it takes to establish, start, run, and participate in a collective.

lol, maybe we should go and learn how to get our shit together.


Carey Chiaia said...

courtney begged me to come so if we all came she'd be super happy. just sayin's all.

Emily said...

yo, I am for real down for going. I want to go to a bunch of those talks I think. haha

Max Guy said...

when is the date though