We need to work on this together. There is a city hall meeting on march 31st i think.. I'm not too sure.
Keep your eyes peeled. This is bad news and hopefully if we can get everyone together on this we will overcome.
There will probably be some posters/emails/etc going around about this.
(let's save baltimore this could kill it)


nickpeelor said...

(this is an email i recieved through the IS department you guys should call this number too. This shit is REAL)
Hey everyone, i am sure that you got the email about the future of live entertainment in Baltimore.

But If you are interested in finding out more information about this you should call

Council President Stephanie Rawlings-Blake- she originally introduced this in July 2008

Matt Lohry and I just called and they said that no one has called to voice their opinion about this matter so far and that we were the first. So if your curious, concerned or just frustrated you should all call and ask them what their intentions are with this plan. The more people that show an interest in what is happening the greater a chance we will have in working out a solution.

She emphasized that we should all go to the meeting planned in the next few weeks.
Maybe we can establish a carpool or something.

What's frustrating is that even after our phone call we are still unclear as to what their motives are.

This could directly affect the live entertainment that you have experienced and the small venues that make Baltimore what it is.

Carey Chiaia said...

This could be very very bad...
Things could be okay if we make a concerted effort to do something.

maude said...

this thing does sound threatening all while being frustratingly vague about what they are actually trying to do and why. what is pretty unbelievalbe about these evaluations is this whole "moral character review" which would be conducted by a board that consists of 5 people- two of which were appointed by Sheila Dixon who this last january was indicted of theft and a bunch of other shady stuff. I really dont thinkg we can sit back on this one.

even without that mayor dixon business, this bill is still insanely ridiculous. i think we all know how much the livelihood of bmore and our lives have benefited from small venues and more underground events that have made our time here quite unique. While i dont consider myself a member of the groups who make the shows and "live entertainment" events possible, they are a part of our sense of community here so i suggest we should think about our opposition to bill #08-0163 as us giving back to those who have invited us into their home/venues and make these truly special things possible.

if we all jump in.......!!!!!!!