Concerning CAP Fest

Its come to my attention that John Aquila thinks that we're still doing a puppet show for CAPfest. Since it was decided that we are not doing this and that we are making an edition of coloring books instead, and that we may be asking for funding from CAP's budget, I think we should talk to him about this ASAP and update him on the plans.

I'm in New York getting surgery done someone else do it.


Emily said...

he knows we're making a coloring book, however, I'm not even sure if we're still doing a puppet show. are we not? if we want to do something more than a take-away thing, we could get some crayons and invite the kids to color at the table, maybe?

Carey Chiaia said...

Right now (for me at least) the puppet show is too much, especially since we can't figure out what we even want to do with it. He knows that we're making a coloring book and can definitely get us funding. He said that he'd even put money up for it. All we have to do is let him know how much we need and he'll give us cash.

Mel Bar said...

I think that's a good idea Emily. I'm down to sit there and host a coloring area or something during the CAP fest itself.

Do we have a rough cost for the production of this thing? Anyone have any ideas or calculations? How much exactly have our previous things cost? Are we screen printing the cover?