Things we didn't consider for Sunday:
Dolphin building cannot print out our films however! the art tech center will be open from throughout the week so we should reschedule tomorrow's work for Monday so that we can get our films printed out there.

Let's meet at Dolphin at 11am Monday (Dolphin is only open until 11pm) instead of tomorrow. Sorry I didn't realize this sooner!


nickpeelor said...

i have work!
The building isn't open sunday?

Emily said...

the building is open, but we can't print the film. and the one I printed the other night got fucked up. however, we can print it again on monday, which is when the print-tech will be open next.
it's ok if you can't make it on monday. a group of us can get them printed, but we're gonna need a lot of help assembling that can happen after printing.

Carey Chiaia said...

Works for me. I'll be there.

Anonymous said...

Just come whenever you can! I have a meeting with my adviser so I won't be there until maybe noon or something, and we have until 11pm so if we need to work all day we willll

Carey Chiaia said...

okay, so i forgot about three important things i had to do on Monday. I have work till 11, and advisor meeting at 11:30 and then a class I'm teaching at 3:30. So i can be there from like noon to 3:30. sorry guys.