Tuesday meeting same time same place?
Bring finished zines/we will talk about packaging/etc


Melissa Barat said...

i'm down

Carey Chiaia said...

also down!

John Aquilla also said that he would come and talk about that Cap fest idea.

Emily said...

I'm down with the clown.

also, I've been collecting the free cardboard from the school store whenever I go. in case we want to use that for the packaging.

nickpeelor said...

maybe if anyone has time to make prototypes, that would be cool, just to get a sense of what we are doing.. just an idea

Emily said...

we should do that after the meeting. since we dont really know what the size is gonna be

Margo said...

Why has no one talked about that video!
Also it should have been called Saint Elmo's Fire.
Dumbfounding thing.

Margo said...

"what a gay ass vid who ever made this must suck a lot of dick and swallow"
youtube comments are so weird and disturbing.