tuesday night meeting

I think we should have a quick meeting tomorrow night, just to check on everyone's zines and see who needs a hand getting them done as soon as possible. we can also begin to discuss future projects.

so, 10:30, gateway cafe, tomorrow night? if everyone can get there on time, we can keep it really short and get on with our nights as soon as possible.


Margo said...


Max Guy said...

i know its nice to meet up and spend time with each other but maybe we could just bulk email everyone or post on the blog if we need help at this point?

Carey Chiaia said...

I was also thinking that we should have a meeting. I know that its kind of a bummer to meet late on a Tuesday night, but we also have to get the images of our work to Neal by Friday for Maegazine which means that we have to:

1. Figure out what we're going to put in

2. Figure out who's going to take pictures of/scan things that need to be.

It would be really good if people who have pictures and work from the show could bring them so we can (even if its quickly) just make decisions as to what we want to put in.

I'd really like this to be a collective decision because this is how we're representing ourselves so everyone should really have a say!

Margo said...

I did not say ":(" that was Peelor.

maude said...