this sunday: soccer tournament, we have two psychic friends teams
TEAM A: nick, carey, emily
TEAM B: Neil, Margo,____

We need one person for team B
Soccer tournament is at 2pm Sunday, 6th floor of the copycat
Bring a T-shirt this friday to wherever we are hanging out to write PF on it, so we have a team jerseys. 

Next Sunday:
Psychic Friends band practice at 12wbiddle 4pm sunday. 
Bring all instruments, we wrote a list of what we have, if anyone needs help getting shit to my house we can work something out in the coming days



Carey Chiaia said...

Brendan said something about emailing him our lists of teams. Do we still need to do that or not?

nickpeelor said...

i did that

Max Guy said...


Margo said...

Someone needs to volunteer to complete my team!

nickpeelor said...

max are you going to be on that team?