Ralph Waldo Emerson "SOCIETY AND SOLITUDE"

"This hard to mesmerize ourselves, to whip our own top; but through sympathy we are capable of energy and endurance. Concert fires people to a certain fury of performance they can rarely reach alone.  Here is the use of society*: it is so easy with the great to be great; so easy to come up to an existing standard; as easy as it is to the lover to swim to his maiden, through waves so grim before.  The benefits of affection are immense; and the one event which never loses its romance is the encounter with superior persons on terms allowing the happiest intercourse. "

*psychic friends 


maude said...

michael sizer- your required readings continue not only to transcend beyond their classroom relevance, but continue to inspire us all. your beautiful mind is a gift to the world and all of mankind- you make me so happy. i love you more than mica would ever allow me to admit.

nickpeelor said...

what a beautiful man

Neil Sanzgiri said...

i gave him a mean handshake the other day