Max, Emily and I were talking about staging a punk olympics in which we got all of the different punks in Baltimore to form teams and compete for who is the most punk. 

Things like: 
Mosh off
Circle pit contest
Who can play the fastest
Drink off/Edge off
Most/Best punk tattoos
Fastest stick and pokes
Crowd surfing contest

Anyone want to do this? 
Maybe we could have it somewhere like Wyman Park once the weather gets nicer?
We could start talking to people soon to get things together for the springtime. 


Margo said...

Yes sir.
Warm weather needs to=active outdoor fun.

snack hazard said...

i'm gonna michael phelps the shit out of this!

also other possibly good competitions:
-patch sewing (grading on speed and quality)
-feminism contest (i don't know)
-shoplifting contest (high risk final competition takes trip to towson!)
-special security culture award for whoever follows the rules of security culture the best (to win this award you basically can't participate in anything else)

also who wants to start a punk band with me?

Max Guy said...

this is going to be so much fun holy shit

Max Guy said...

best bootleg distro