Profile of Psychic Friends in the next issue of Maegazine


So Neal Rienalda asked if we would be profiled in the next issue of Maegazine.

Instead of being open submission like last issue, its going to be five more in depth profiles of artists or collectives. He explained it like this:

"The profiles section would be 15 or so images with supplementary writing of some kind (like and interview, an essay, or compimentary writing of some kind)"

I think it'll be a fun way to get some work as well as our name out there. What does everyone else think? Do you guys want to do it?

Let me know!

Love always,


Emily said...

I'm down! that sounds awesome!

Max Guy said...

as long as its important

Argyle Hair said...

haha i had a dream that a kid from my high school found me in cafe doris to tell me how full of ourselves we were about psychic friends.

he talked about our non-existant phrase that my dream made up:

"Things I've Accomplished: Nothing."

and how stupid it was!


Max Guy said...

yeah that should be our motto anyway

nickpeelor said...

phuck yes

Bettina said...


Peggy Chiang said...

let's do this.

nickpeelor said...

i think we should collectively answer all interview questions. and include the pdfs to our zines

Max Guy said...

why would we share our zines through maegazine?

Melissa Barat said...

That sounds really fun I'm into it!

Carey Chiaia said...

I think that it would be real cool to do another project between now and when we would be submitting images, so we could show stuff from the orgy, some zine stuff and stuff from another project.

Max Guy said...

Carey, I don't think it should be rushed. Maybe we start something and show some progress of the project? I just don't want to have the pressure and I think that if its rushed that we won't think about things as carefully.

Carey Chiaia said...

you're right max, we shouldn't have to rush anything or work to deadlines, but considering that its Neal, we should have a while. We would have to talk about something that would be doable in a certain time frame once we have one, I think it would be really cool to have something new to show, even if it wasn't a huge project.

Max Guy said...

In that case I think that we should still do something big, we've been doing small things for a while now. Even if it's a short amount of time, that would just make it even better.

Melissa Barat said...

i agree with max that we shouldnt rush to do a project for this. i think it would be just really nice to have something short and sweet about us just being us, you know? I think it would be really awesome to start another larger scale project but completely unrelated to the interview. We've already got a lot on our plates right now so maybe we should just take it slow?

also- if we are going to do the preformance for the mix zine, we have to think about that as well

Emily said...

I agree with mel.
this new zine is a pretty big project overall, we should just focus on making the outcome as awesome as possible.

Carey Chiaia said...

I agree with Emily. If we can pull off the performance for the mixtape zine, I think that would be a huge and awesome step. I'm we've done three zines in a row, and I love it, but its going to be awesome to move beyond that. How are everyones mixtape zines going anyways?

nickpeelor said...

i think we could show some images from the ccas show, talk about what we are (currently doing) then talk about future projects. We've made a good amount of work so far and i think we have enough to show for ourselves to make what we're doing visible.
Tree carrying pictures
pma flag
group drawings
pdfs to zines

etc etc

Margo said...

I like Nick's list especially the idea of pdf zines.
I feel like we need to be really curating ourselves really hard as far as the drawings though because there are only like one or two of those that I think really express the kinds of things I'd want PF to be doing in the future.

But do we want to agree on a list here:
+Zine pdf [the zine from the show, and hair cut zine?]
+photos of group things [pyramid, tree transport]
+PMA Flag
+Photos of people's PMA tats?
+May be even having a list page from the ideas zine thing? to show our potential?

Max Guy said...

do we know what we want to be doing?

Max Guy said...

what are we going to say i mean if that's asked? i am hoping that's on peoples' minds aside from what we're going to show.

has the work we've been doing really helped us think about our goals or interests? what have we developed? it will be pretty interesting to hear peoples responses to the questions.

nickpeelor said...

i think we will have no problem having interesting things to say.