White elephant??

We should have a psychic friends/friends of psychic friends
white elephant, if you are unfamiliar with what a white elephant is
you buy something stupid like from a thrift store or something under 5 bucks
like a stupid sweater or anything really that is cheap and cool/stupid
everyone brings one gift each wrapped and we sit in a circle with all the wrapped presents in the middle
first person picks a present from the pile and opens it, then the next person in the circle can either steal that person's opened present or pick a new one from the pile. if the first person's present gets stolen, they have to pick a new present from the pile. and the game goes on like this, anyone can steal each other's present etc etc.

who's down?
If you are: buy something/make something/ whatever and wrap it and bring it to baltimore and we'll have a white elephant on january 18th or something? 


Max Guy said...

that's on my birthday i won't be around make it later!

nickpeelor said...

okay the 20th the 21st?
(first day of school)

Emily said...

I'm down. we could also re-gift?

nickpeelor said...

re gifting is fine, as long as said gift is kinda cheap

Carey Chiaia said...

sounds good. cheap and something you wont be offended if people don't want.

Margo said...


Argyle Hair said...

im getting everyone exercise machines cuz u all is fat!