PF Meeting/Christmas Card

So people have been talking about having a meeting before winter break so we can figure out what our next thing is going to be.

Emily suggested next Friday the 14th as a date for it. How does that work for everyone? Also, what time?

Second: some of us had talked about doing a sort of Christmas card (sorry jewz) in which we all get together, wear Christmas sweaters and take a photo. We could print it and distribute it, or we could distribute it online somehow. What does everyone think of this?


Emily said...

friday is actually the 12th, but I'm still down for meeting. what about 7:30-8? that way we can all get dinner and then meet and then have fun nights?

I was also thinking we could take the family portrait at the meeting. it shouldn't take too long and we could use one of the gateway studios to set up in (so we can have a plain background) I have a pretty good flash, but if anyone has a clamp light or something to help light the room, that'd be helpful.

also, if anyone has time, maybe after finals are done/almost done, anyone want to go christmas caroling or something?

Carey Chiaia said...

All sounds good to me.

Margo said...

Goddamnit, Carey.

Everyone has to wear sweaters for the picture. May be let's make a facebook event for this once we decide time etc. I'm fine with Friday.

Let there be peace on earth.

Argyle Hair said...

friday night and the lights down low!

Peggy Chiang said...


ad Lowing said...

umm HOLIDAY CARD you fucking anglocentric.

But yeah, apart from the political correctness, which is always of the highest import, this sounds sublime.

Max Guy said...

the only good jew is a dead one, jk