Okay, so really good meeting tonight. I took notes, so here are the relevant things:

Mixtape Zines:
Each person choose a song.
Make a 1/4 page zine about the song.
Title of the song has to be somewhere in the zine.
Mixtapes/cds of all of the songs will be made.
Zines/cds will be compiled after break.
Try to get zines printed/assembled BEFORE you get back.
Have a release/listening party somewhere and try to sell these dudez.
Edition of 100 if I remember correctly (please correct me if I'm wrong).

50 ideas:
Everyone send 50 project and/or zine ideas to Emily.
Will be compiled into a short run zine just for us.

I'll be creating a little zine making tutorial that will be emailed to everyone and posted to the blog over break (hopefully shortly after Christmas)

something we never got around to, perhaps something to start after break? think about what you might want to teach or be taught.

Audio zine:
We'll get to it after break.

Breakfast Party:
Something to think about for when the weather gets warmer.


Emily said...

I think the mixtape zine should just be 50. since we're each making one. 100 could get pretty expensive.

Carey Chiaia said...

cool, sounds good.