meal time memories

Here's some stuff I've been working on- its an installation of photographs, projections, and paintings with bleach and dye dining linens.


Colin said...

This is really cool Rachel. I especially like how you are silhouetted by the projection.

Max Guy said...

Where is the installation? It would be amazing to see this in person, very inspiring.

Margo said...

Looking at this really makes me want to do projections again,
Is this a slide or just from the computer or something?

I'm sure you've seen this woman but http://www.navalubelski.com
does a lot of work with embroidery/stains on textiles.

ad Lowing said...

The installation is gone, but it was on the second floor of the station building in a tiny room. I think i will use it for my uniformity final as well. The projection is from my computer. Thanks dudes!