Haircut Zine: Printed and Cut

100 copies of the haircut zine printed and cut tonight. All we need now is covers and dimebags. Also, Looks like we're gonna have to sew this one again... Margo and Rachel, do you think you'll have some time between now and the 3rd to help out?



maude said...

i wonder how much pepsi paid for that one?

also, if you're looking for sewing machines i have one at home i could use. i could pack some with me? i will be really careful.

Margo said...

I can sew whenever, I guess this would be after thanksgiving though, if you're going to buy cardstock at home?
I feel like there has to be somewhere to get cardstock not in those numbers?

Carey Chiaia said...

I went to plaza and utrecht today and neither had cardstock aside from by the sheet (which would be waaay more expensive) So I guess I'm gonna buy it at home, sew as many as I can, and bring the res back.
I'm also going to see if I can find dimebags somewhere, but if I can't. I know they have them at joann fabrics (I asked a drug dealer where to buy them.) But there isn't one around me. If anyone is goign to be around and can make a trip, or can pick some up while they're home, that would be a huuuuuuuge help!

Peggy Chiang said...

hey, i'm actually going to joann fabrics either tomorrow or wednesday. if they really have them i'll definitely pick them up. and i'll be back on friday if anyones gonna be around and start working on that shit forreal.

Carey Chiaia said...

yo peggggz, if you could pick those up, that would be AMAZING. If they don't have em, someone also suggested that we try a head shop (hilarious)so if you do go and can't get them, let me know and I'll go to the head shop in my town and see if they have dimebags.

Max Guy said...

yo dudes i just wanted to say my family liked my haircut