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Bettina just showed me the Sumi Ink Club. Based in California, they also do collaborative drawings but mostly with sumi ink. They've managed to create a really nice look and have applied it to various other media since their conception. Images from their site:


zach hazard vaupen (c) 2008 all rights reserved said...

sumi ink club is my favorite discovery of the last year. they do the best murals and collaborations for sure. i think lucky dragons guy is in the club as well.

Anonymous said...

yeah he is, they just make all this album art and cd shit too it's awesome

Zack said...

yea both the girl and guy in lucky dragons, luke and sarah, founded it sumi ink

if you haven't done so already seen this site, take a look:


its an online new media kind of magazine that i know has featured sumi ink club before

ok bye