Stuff we talked about last night

Here is a recap of the stuff we talked about last night for the upcoming show on November 8th.

For the opening, we considered including a video and smoke/bubble machine instillation which would only be shown the day of the opening.

For displaying the drawings, we are going to frame them using the long wallpaper drawings, by hanging the wallpaper drawings first, then cutting out a square to create a border for the drawing which will then displayed in that square.

Will be including select photographs from the night and enlarging some of the prints, anyone can help choose which ones will be enlarged, we will set a date for that meeting soon.

Bring all collaborative work on November 7th when we hang the show, we will make decisions about what will and will not be included in the show then.

Max and Neil (and whoever else is interested) will write a short bio about the collective, but anyone is invited to bring in anonymous responses to the 24 hour collaborative project or statements.

The show is going to be titled: Psychic Friends Experiments in Collaboration. If you make a flier the show starts at 6 P.M. and it is at Charm City Art Space 1729 Maryland Ave.

Bettina and Mel are working on the vinyl lettering that will be used in the space.

We will need some food/drinks for the opening. Charm City Art Space provides some money for that (I think), but please feel free to cook stuff and bring it in.

The Zine will be distributed at the show, submissions for the Zine end today at 6 P.M., either drop off your work in person to Emily or email it to her.

Keep making work and spread the word about the show which is two weeks from today, we will have another meeting next Friday.

Here is the final revision of my original flier.


maggot girth said...

I believe that works should be hung with t-pins. Any opposition?

Melissa Barat said...

much better! good typeface! t-pins sound good to moi