So I'm trying to work on the packaging for the Talking Tiger Mountain album, and I was trying to get a few people to help me out with drawings and such for album inserts. Basically, it would just be a simple drawing (b&w preferably) illustrating some different themes the album presents.

The album deals with a lot of different forms of imagery and extended metaphors and all that bullshit. Some of the few illustrations that I would like to be thought about:

  • "The Light" - this deals with forms of inspiration, warmth, comfort, truth and knowledge. Images I kind of have in mind are like lanterns, campfire, and stuff like that. But also more abstract images like a ball of light being held in hands. Most notably the songs "Shepherd's Light" and "It's Still Light" deal with these images.
  • "The Rivers" - the flow of love and human companionship. In the "Tigers & Mountains" song, there is a lyric about a river of angels approaching. Mostly dealing with women as divine love and inspiration.
  • "The Children" - obvious reference to innocence, optimism, and hope. Sarah Paige is me telling my future grandkids about how much they should enjoy their times and play outside and make friends and all that good stuff as much as they can before the unavoidable happens. Images such as wedding dresses and gardens.
  • "The Wind" - the coldness that sometimes awakens you. It can sometime awaken you so much that you become detached from everything else and fall into a depression hole. It's mostly a white wind that I imagine. The song "How High" expresses this. It might later be titled White Wind.
  • "Tigers/ Mountains" the first song we recorded, "Tigers & Mountains," stems from the Brian Eno album Taking Tiger Mountain (by Strategy) obviously. But as I developed lyrics and meaning behind the songs, I came up with a semi-inspirational story about a Tiger who tries to climb a mountain but fails. Then the mountain speaks to him one night and tells him in order to climb he has to first bring the mountain songs in tribute and dedication. So, the tiger eventually finds them and blah blah.

Anyway, if anyone is interested, I would greatly appreciate it. I guess I'll post a link to the album even though it's unfinished. But just to get an idea of what it sounds like and to listen to while drawing or whatever. Talk to me or comment or whatever.

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