A Proposal for a Portrait Series

I'd like us all to do portraits of each other. The idea is we all pick names out of a hat and do portraits the size of a postcard (6x4). It would be nice to have that white border around it. I stress this part because the uniformity would be great in terms of display. If you're down with this I'd like to set a deadline for it, it could be made nicely into a small book or just something good have.


Melissa Barat said...

i really like that idea, i don't know if we could have them before the show, but it would be fun to do for the future, maybe the next zine

Emily said...

I like this idea a lot too, but I've already told you that.

maggot girth said...

i didn't mean for the show but just another project to have in our collection of works. if anything i might try and do them myself just to have.